2020’s Japanese zodiac animal is the rat. Celebrate the New Year with a cute rat ornament in your home

2020’s Japanese zodiac animal is the rat. Warakuya sells Japanese zodiac ornaments for every year. Japanese zodiac ornaments are popular products. They are ‘ornaments that bring good fortune’ like the Maneki-Neko.
The animals of the Japanese zodiac change every year. Displaying the Japanese zodiac animal of the year ornament means ‘Welcome to Toshigamisama (the god of the incoming year)’ at your home.The ornament should be displayed during the Chinese New Year holiday (In Japan, it’s displayed from 1st January).
Some cute Japanese zodiac ornaments are now available in Warakuya. Find your favorite one, welcome it into your home,  and pray for happiness in the new year.

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 The Rat is the messenger of God

Since ancient times, the rat has been known as the messenger for Daikokuten who is the God of the harvest and prosperity. Not only prosperity in business, but also having a lot of descendants.The rat is  thought of as a symbol of fertility because they give birth to a lot of babies.

Dorei (Ceramic bell)

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Dorei is a ceramic bell.  The technique for making them is unique  in the world so you only can see it in Japan. Since ancient times in Japan, the dorei has been used as a charm against evil, an amulet, a toy and a musical instrument.
It is believed that God is present in the bell sound. If you shake the dorei, you will hear a gentle sound like ‘clip-clop’. It is said that the sound of the bell  is sacred. It has a calming effect and can drive out evil spirits.

Kozuchi (Lucky hammer)

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A Kozuchi is a lucky charm. If you shake the hammer with a wish in mind, your wish will come true. It is said that the lucky hammer invites good luck and will bring economic fortune, a prosperous business, and all lucky things.
The cute rats will bring you good luck.

Suzu (bell)

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In Japan, people believe that the sound of a bell  has the power to drive out evil spirits and bring good luck. In Feng shui,  the sound of a bell is considered very important, and it has the power to bring economic fortune, especially.
This is why many of the various amulets at shrines often have bells.
The cute rat on a bell will bring you economic fortune.

Houtai (Treasure bag)

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In Japan, "houtai" is also known as "kinnou" and it is considered a lucky charm that brings good luck. Daikokuten, one of the Seven lucky gods of Japan,  carries a houtai . 
This rat is probably a messenger for Daikokuten that delivers the houtai to the people.
Inside this houtai are said to be the seven treasures of Buddisum: gold, silver, coral, agate, crystal, clam shell, and  lapis lazuli. However, it is also said that it  is not material treasure but also a long life, aspirations, passion, dignity, love, and generousity. This cute rat will bring you material and immaterial fortune!

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