The Attraction of the Traditional Japanese Fabric ‘Chirimen Cloth’

A Chirimen cloth is a fabric with an uneven surface. Chirimen cloth is a traditional Japanese fabric that is woven with twisted yarns called ‘Yori’.
It has been used for Kimono because of its durability and wrinkle resistance. By weaving with twisted yarns, the whole cloth shrinks and becomes uneven. This unevenness leads to good quality dyeing. When it is dyed, the light reflects diffusely on the uneven surface, creating a beautiful rich color. 
Chirimen cloth has a long history, dating back more than 300 years, and has been handed down to the present day over a long period of time.
At that time, the Chirimen cloth was generally woven with silk, but it was unsuitable for rainy days because it had a tendency to shrink when wet.
However, recently, the crepe made of polyester and other chemical fibers have appeared on the market and are resistant to absorbing water and shrinking, making them suitable for daily life.

‘Chirimen-Zaiku’ passed down from the Edo period to the present 

Chirimen-Zaiku is a traditional Japanese handcraft with a history dating back to the Edo period (1603~1868), about 300 years ago. Chirimen cloth has been a favorite material for Japanese kimono up to the present day. Various sundry cloth goods made by sewing together small leftover pieces of cloth from the process of making Chirimen kimono are called Chirimen-Zaiku.
They are often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and have cute designs such as flowers, birds, animals, and dolls. Some of them can be used as storage bags so that you can store your important items.
This Chirimen-Zaiku was born in the late Edo period in the hands of women of the wealthy class of the time. It was sewn by generations of women and their skills have become quite refined.
Chirimen-Zaiku is a handicraft for cultivating a sense of beauty and dexterity, and has been handed down as one of the educational tools for Japanese women.

From dolls to miscellaneous goods,
you can see various cute Chirimen-Zaiku at Warakuya

You will find a variety of products such as maneki-neko, pouches and eye-glass cases, to name a few, . made of  Chirimen cloth at Warakuya. Chirimen-Zaiku products are popular for home use, but they are also very popular as gifts.The beautiful patterns and rich colors of Chirimen-Zaiku seem to represent the beautiful scenery of each season in Japan. I hope you will enjoy your Chirimen product's refined appearance for many years to come!

Chirimen eye-glass case  $26.90

These are eye-glass cases with beautiful flower patterns of cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums, which are representative flowers of Japan.The flap snaps closed with a magnet. You don’t have to worry about your glasses coming out of the case in your bag. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around.
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Chirimen Pouch  $17.90

These brightly colored Chirimen pouches are so eye-catching that they don’t get lost among other things in your bag. It’s handy for storing car keys, company ID cards and must-have items you don’t want to forget. It’s also a great gift for women as a makeup bag.
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Chirimen Yura Yura Solar Power Parent and Child Cat  $89.90

This is a cute Chirimen cat ornament with an electric tail that swings from side to side. The kitten on top of the parent cat looks very pleasant.
The built-in solar battery is very eco-friendly, so you never have to replace the batteries. When you shine a light on the solar panel, the tail moves from side to side and stops automatically when it gets dark. It is made of Chirimen cloth and has a very soft texture.
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Chirimen Kimono Maneki-Neko  $33.90

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This is a festive Maneki-Neko ornament wearing a Chirimen kimono.
The words written on the Koban held in the right hand mean ‘health wishes’ or ‘healthy longevity’. We recommend purchasing this for people who want to live a long and healthy life. It is also suitable as a hospital gift for people who are recuperating. It is available at the Warakuya store and on our web store.

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