Finally, Kobe Fugetsudo Christmas sweets are available -- for a limited time!

Delicious Christmas sweets, which are in very cute Christmas themed containers, just came out for a limited time from Kobe Fugetsudo. Not only the popular Gaufres, but also L'espoir and Drycapot are also now available in the limited edition Christmas containers.You can buy these Christmas sweets on our web store for a limited time.

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This time, we mainly introduce their lovely packaging.
When you are invited to a home party by a friend, you can bring it as a gift, or as a gift for your co-worker or boss.
The package designs are very cute, so we think everyone from children to adults will love them.

Do you know Kobe Fugetsudo's Gaufres? 
If you don’t know about them, please check out the article we did about these delicious sweets previously.

These are the limited edition Christmas containers. They are all so cute! 

Upper Left:Christmas Mini L'espoir L5-8 Cookies, Packaged in a tin $12, Upper Middle:Christmas Mini Drycapot D5-6 Cookies, Packaged in a tin $12 Upper Right:Christmas Petites Gaufres 10S-18 Petites Gaufres, Packaged in a tin $24 Lower Right:Christmas Mini Gaufres (Santa Claus)-6 Mini Gaufres x 3 Tins $27

Look at the design of the packaging for the Christmas Mini Drycapot and the Christmas Mini L'espoir.
The cans' size is W8.5cm×H12.5cm×D5.5cm. The illustrations of the white reindeer and the toy Santa Claus are very lovely. Even the design of the sides of the cans have  very stylish stripes. After enjoying the delicious  delicacies inside them, you can use these containers as accessory cases.

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Let’s open the Santa Claus one. There are 4 packages of Mini L'espoir in the can. One package has 2 pieces of Mini L'espoir, so if you buy one can, you can enjoy 8 pieces of Mini L'espoir. The shiny white color of the package is very Christmassy! Let’s take a bite. We taste a hint of butter.
There is also a mild sweetness. These ones are not too sweet, so we think people who don’t like sweets will love them, too.

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Next, let’s open the white reindeer can. There are 6 pieces of Drycapot inside. (1 package has one Drycapot)
The shiny green color of the package is very Christmassy, too. Let’s take a bite. We can notice many sliced almonds and macadamia nuts mixed in it.You can enjoy the crispy texture of the cookies combined with the crunchy texture of the nuts. This one is not too sweet, either.

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This one is the Christmas Mini Gaufres 3 can set.
We can see many Christmas ornaments on a red box. The design is so cute. Let’s open the box.

There are 3 lovely containers with Santa Claus, a reindeer and a snowman respectively,  in the box.They are so cute! You might want to buy one for your friend and yourself, too!

A lot of thought went into the design of the sides of the containers, as well. We can see Christmas icons such as Santa Claus, reindeer, holly and gingerbread cookies!

Now, let's open one of the cans. The gaufres package's color has been changed to red. This is a special Christmas version. We can see the words "Merry Christmas" on the packages. One package has 3 pieces of Mini Gaufres. One can has 2 packages, so you can enjoy 18 pieces of Mini Gaufres in one box. Each package has 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.You can check out our Gaufres tasting review in a previous article.

This one is the Christmas Petites Gaufres 10S. This container's shape is a hexagonal column and designed in the image of Santa Claus’s house.

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Let’s open the can. There are 6 packages in the can.(1 package has 3 pieces of Petites Gaufres) These sweets will be popular at home parties, especially if there are many children! Each package has 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Let’s look at the design of the cans. Each of the six sides has a different illustration. This can was designed in the image of Santa Claus’s house. We can see the entrance of Santa's house on one side. On another side of the can we can see a girl elf. She looks like she is reading a Christmas gift list for children from all over the world. On another side, a boy elf is trying to put some gifts on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. They seem to be helping Santa prepare for his big night. We can see the commitment and effort put into the can design. This can is very lovely because it draws a heartwarming story.

And, if you purchase these limited time Kobe Fugetsudo Christmas products, you will also get a very cute plastic bag with a Christmas design for free! The plastic bag has a convenient handle, so it is not only cute, but very functional, too! Also, the package designs are so beautiful and festive that you can give them to all the important people in your life without having to wrap them. 

Christmas is coming soon! It’s not too late to make a Christmas party plan. Please check out  these wonderful limited time Christmas products at our store.

Next time, we will introduce how "Taku Nomi" culture took root in Japan.

In Japan, there is the expression "Taku Nomi". This means to enjoy drinking alcohol at home.
 It’s not too much to say that the expression "Taku Nomi" and the birth of canned chu-hai went hand-in-hand. Next time, we will introduce how Japan's "Taku Nomi" culture came about. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

It's highly recommended!

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Christmas Kobe Pier 7B - 6 Chocolat in a Paper box $17

Christmas Gaufrier 5B - 4 Chocolate Millefeuille $12

Christmas Gaufres Crunch 10S - 10 Crunchies in a tin $24


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The Taku Nomi Culture related to the popularity of canned chu-hai with strong alcohol content.
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