Former SK-II development members create the most advanced beauty cream in the world with their depth of wisdom 

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This time, we will introduce "The Lady. Beauty Power Cream" which has been steadly increasing its fans. This cream was created by the same developers of the world-class prestige skin care cream SK-II. The cream is made from botanical ingredients. It is trustworthy, safe, fragrance free, and based on the latest dermatological theory. It is a high-performance skin care cream that has shown significant effects  in about 90% of people in clinical trials.

Latest dermatological theory
Female hormones are also produced in the skin

Until quite recently, it was thought that female hormones could only be produced in the ovaries.
But the latest dermatological theory has shown that female hormones are also  produced in the skin. As you all know, female hormones are indispensable for maintaining beautiful skin. The effects of the female hormone estrogen on the skin are many. It particularly is effective for  promoting skin barrier function -- keeping in moisture and maintaining resilient skiin. It is difficult to maintain beautiful skin if a person is lacking female hormones or if the hormones do not work properly due to stress.
In other words, properly working female hormones = beautiful skin.

Female hormones decrease with age. 
It works even when hormones become unstable with overstress

Unfortunately, the source of female hormones for beautiful skin gradually decrease with age.
It begins to decrease at their peak when women are in their 20s, and it drops sharply from when women are around their 40s.
In addition, due to irregular lifestyles, overstress and/or  UV light damage, female hormones will not work properly. Many women experience skin problems  from around their 40s or if they have an  irregular lifestyle they may also experience some kind of skin issue. It is said that skin problems before menstruation are related to female hormones.
But if you could always have beautiful skin without being affected by ‘female hormone instability’….
You will definitely feel like you are Cinderella when she magically trasforms. 
But Cinderella's magical transformation disappears after a short time.
"The Lady. Beauty Power Cream" is a highly functional skin care cream that will keep your skin shiny and beautiful 10years from now.

The only cosmetics in the world that can activate female hormones in the skin.  

Here is a little more detail that we mentioned earlier on the latest dermatological theory in the world. "The Lady. Beauty Power Cream" was  created based on "Skin intelligence Theory".
For a long time, skin has been considered to work just as a barrier film that wraps and protects the body from the outside. But it has become obvious that skin is an advanced information system that senses, judges, and processes information on its own. The idea that  skin itself has a high intelligence  is "Skin intelligence theory".
The "Skin Intelligence Theory" has shown that there is a system in the skin that causes the activation or inactivation of female hormones. This suggests that if female hormones are active in your skin, your skin condition will be  good. If they are not, your skin may have problems.
It’s like there is a female hormone ON-OFF switch in your skin. "The Lady. Beauty Power Cream" contains a high-concentration of polyphenol ‘Polyphenox’ that turns on the female hormones in the skin.

Next time, we will tell you about a review from one of  our staff who used "The Lady. Beauty Power Cream" for three weeks.

Next time, we will tell you about a review from one of  our staff who used "The Lady. Beauty Power Cream" for three weeks. We will share with you, in detail,  about her impressions of the product after trying it out and also her skin condition. If you are interested to know more about this product, please check out the second article that will be coming soon. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

We highly recommend it!

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The Lady. Beauty Power Cream 30g $450
2 months use by applying to the face daily morning and night.


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