The Lady. Beauty Power Cream is the only cosmetic in the world that can activate female hormones in the skin  

This time, we will introduce ‘Polyphenox’ which has a high concentration of polyphenols and is  contained in The Lady. Beauty Power Cream.
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Active polyphenols ‘Polyphenox’

 ‘Polyphenox’ is a unique botanical compound ingredient from the latest dermatology research.
The Lady. Beauty Power Cream is comprised of a high concentration of polyphenox.
Polyphenox contains polyphenols which have been extracted from plants in an  ‘active state’.
The effect can’t be expected if the polyphenols included in it are in an ‘inactive state’.
Therefore, they have carefully selected highly active plant ingredients. Every flower and leaf is gently picked by hand to avoid damaging and making the useful ingredients inactive.The extraction of  the useful ingredients from plants is also a unique method. The method used is called ‘Honey extraction method’, and it was  inspired by ancient Roman literature. By dipping the hand-picked plants  in honey, the useful ingredients can be extracted alive.

Polyphenox is a goddess of beauty that can regenerate your skin beautifully.

The latest dermatological theory has shown that female hormones are also produced in the skin and not only not in the ovaries. The function of polyphenox is to ‘turn on the female hormones in the skin’ we described in the previous article.The female hormones produced in the ovaries decrease from when a woman reaches her late 30s or 40s. In addition they can be unstable and increase and decrease repeatedly Many skin problems that occur before menstruation and after childbirth are due to the instability of the  female hormones produced in the ovaries.
The Goddess Polyphenox  has brought salvation to people who have female-specific problems or skin troubles due to aging. Turning on the switch to activate  female hormones in the skin with the polyphenox means it’s no longer a dream to keep one's skin fresh and beautiful looking forever.

Now and forever, don’t get worried over the skin age!

One of the other effects of polyphenox is the ‘wrinkle eraser function’.
This concerns wrinkles around the eyes and mouth caused by such things as aging, stress and sun damage caused by UV light. And it blocks the active oxygen that causes skin aging, and harmful enzymes that break down hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin.
It is a reliable function that repels ‘enemies to beautiful skin’. Every time you apply it to the wrinkles you care about they  start to fade. We think that you will be able to feel the excitement of the process of being reborn into glowing and firm skin.

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The cream is drawn into skin very quickly where it fits comfortably.

Cutting edge technology is used to create the texture of the cream. Our female staff said that she was able to treat her whole face, neck and décolletage with only a pearl-sized amount in her  product review. It spreads well, and is drawn into the skin where  it fits comfortably. The texture of the cream  was formulated by the skill of the former SK-II development team leader. This is a very advanced technology called ‘OREO-LAMELLA SYSTEM’ which is based on the same composition as human skin. In addition, the cream contains ‘Cluster Water’ which has a water replenishment function that finds and moisturizes areas where there is not enough water in the skin. This is a rare water that is used by American luxury cosmetic brands.

I want to make females more beautiful
I want a society where females shine
Brand founder’s wish 

The technology for extracting useful components with high purity from carefully selected ingredients is a high precision technology that blends the ingredients densely while they are alive. An inquiring mind the creators of the technique took inspiration from ancient Roman literature and worked hard to reproduce the technique in our age.

Former members of the SK-II team who have highly technical skills, deep knowledge and a desire to prove the latest dermatological theories  in the world have created The Lady. Beauty Power Cream. It was because of the passion of Ms.Sugiura, the founder of the brand, that she was able to create a high-quality, safe and secure product that addressed the main concerns of women and their skin. She was especially swayed by female hormones that are responsible for such things as menstrual pain and PMS in addition to  her experience of women losing confidence due to severe rough skin after giving birth and unable to go out actively.

Because of her experiences,  ‘the only high-performance skin care cream in the world’ was born. This product was made to fulfill the wish of females all over the world to shine forever. The Lady. Beauty Power Cream can make this wish a reality. Why don’t you try it?

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The Lady. Beauty Power Cream 30g $450
 2 months use by applying to the face daily morning and night.
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